Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Generations of Ferrara Yankee Fans

I'll start this off by saying... HOW BOUT THEM YANKEES?! I come from a family of die hard Yankees fans and there's nothing like some great October baseball.

This Monday, October 1st, I went to the Yankees vs. Red Sox game and had the chance to be part of something pretty special. My dad also attended the game and brought along the score card that his great grandfather had filled out at the Yankees vs. Red Sox game on October 1, 1933, the exact same game we were at, just 79 years prior. It was great to be there with my dad and to experience how baseball truly has the ability to connect generations... In this case four!

Here's the scorecard... Babe Ruth was pitching (Anthony had to explain to me that Babe Ruth both pitched and hit... who knew!)

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