Monday, January 9, 2012

We're Engaged!

Yet again, I've gone missing for a little while... but this time, it's because of very happy news!

On December 28th, Anthony proposed! We've been dating for five years and, well, I couldn't be happier!

Anthony and I started dating our sophomore year at Loyola College (now University) in Baltimore. Since then we've gone abroad together, had crazy wonderful college times together, gotten full-time jobs and moved out, survived a long distance relationship and much more. Needless to say, he's my best friend, better half and love of my life.

So, here's how Anthony proposed. He was very insistent on taking me out to dinner that Wednesday night despite the fact that I didn't want to go (I had work in the morning, he did not). His exact words were, 'if I don't give you this tonight, I won't be able to for a long time.' He was acting strange, so naturally my response was, 'wait, you're not proposing or something are you?' He said 'no, I just want to give you your Christmas gift that was back-ordered and, since busy season is here, I won't be able to take you out for a while.' I finally agreed, and Ant made reservations at 340 Grill, for that evening (he knows it's my favorite restaurant in Hoboken).

Anthony picked me up from work that evening with a bag in hand and said that it was the gift that he had been meaning to give me for Christmas. I opened it on the train before dinner and, low and behold, it was the Michael Kohrs watch that I love! He said that was the gift he wanted to give me, and we headed off to dinner (little did I know that the watch was bait to get me off the engagement scent).

Again, Ant was acting weird during dinner. He didn't check his jacket like he always does, and didn't want to order dessert, which usually means something is wrong.

Once dinner was over, he asked that we take a walk along the water to kill time before we met a group of friends at the bar for happy hour. Again, I complained because it was 28 degrees (clearly I made this entire process as difficult as possible), but agreed, so we threw on our coats and headed to Pier C Park (click here to see the pier/view). It was a beautiful night, with a complete view of the NYC skyline and the pier illuminated with white lights.

Once we got down to the end, Anthony said he had a song that he wanted to play for me that he thought I'd really like. Once he hit play, I knew the tune immediately... it was 'Marry Me' by Train. I think my initial response was something like 'wait, you're joking.' He then got down on one knee and asked if I'd marry him! (Obviously there was a speech involved, but I'll spare you the mushy details) My answer was 'of course,' and the rest is history!

We're looking at wedding dates for sometime in 2013, but for right now, we're just enjoying being newly engaged :)


  1. Best wishes to Miss. E! Will blog now include recipes to wow a future husband?

  2. Thank you!!! Just curious, who is this??

    And yes, I guess now I'll have to include recipes for him as well!