Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Holiday Party! (on a budget)

Saturday night, Jenelle and I threw a Christmas party in our apartment for some of our closest friends. Of course, it wasn't anything too fancy, but we'd like to think that it turned out pretty well!

First things first, we had to decorate. If you're in need of holiday decorations, I highly recommend Walmart. You can buy a bin of 35 ornaments (like these) for only $15! They also have super cheap strings of lights for the walls and the tree. Here's a pic of our tree! Sorry for the poor quality, hopefully Santa will be bringing me a new camera this Christmas :)

Next came the menu. Again, we bought most of our groceries at Walmart since the produce is affordable. Here's what we whipped up:

Santa Hat Brownies - Photo Courtesy of Blog Daisy's World
The food ended up costing us around $150 total... not too shabby for feeding 20 people. If you're looking to spend less, I'd probably sub out the mac n' cheese. The cheese (especially Gruyere) can get a little pricey.  Although I thought it was sooooo worth it. 

Hope everyone has a lovely holiday season and enjoys time with family and friends!

Anthony and I in our ridiculous Christmas outfits :) 

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