Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Anthony and I took a trip to Kennebunkport, Maine this Labor Day weekend. Although I've spent many a summer in KPT growing up, I never really took to the idea of seafood until recently. Now, for someone who has spent 10+ summers in Maine with tons of famous lobster joints, as well as four years in Baltimore (which is obviously well known for its crab), I'm a little angry at myself for not figuring out that I like seafood a little earlier. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

One of our many food stops in Maine this weekend was the Cape Pier Chowder House. Not only did I have my first full lobster (mom was there to help instruct), but we also got to take in the beautiful views and a yummy local Shipyard Export Ale.

On our way home today, we made a pit stop at an EXCELLENT burger place in Manchester, CT, called Corey's Catsup & Mustard. As a vegetarian, I love when burger joints let you substitute a veggie burger into any menu item... It enables so many more options! I went with the Aunt Laurie's burger and Ant opted for the Potato Crunch burger. They were fabulously messy and absolutely delicious!

We found Corey's on my new favorite website... You can enter in your starting and ending destination and the site will map out every food spot in between that has been featured on Food Network shows. I highly recommend checking it out!

That's all for now. Stay tuned... I think I'm going to post a top ten for Kennebunkport in the coming days!

Enjoy the pictures :)

Anthony and me on the pier at Cape Pier Chowder House 

My mom - the expert lobster cracker - and me on the pier

RIP lobstahs

The beautiful view from the Chowder House

Corey's Catsup and Mustard!

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